I wrote about IPFS – the InterPlanetary File System – some time ago. At the time the project was still at the beginning of the acceptance even on the fringes (aka freedom-loving) of the internet, but today this is changing!

So.. what is IPFS?

IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open.
In short it means that it creates a new field for websites that can’t be censored; the internet will get more democratized again – like it used to be before big tech took over and started centralizing it more and more.
IPFS doesn’t allow this – by design.

How do I enter this future of the Internet and how do I become a valuable part of the distributed web, you ask humbly, yet absent of kneeling?

In this post I’ll show how to start using IPFS if you use a Brave browser.

Since Brave browser is already capable of allowing you a dip into IPFS, I’ll limit this first post in the IPFS series to showing you how to enable this function.

Go to Settings, click on Extensions (these are the integrated extensions you get with Brave automatically) and then turn ON the “IPFS Companion“.

The new extension will appear as a gray/green cube icon at the top bar. Click on the cube icon and after the little IPFS window appears.

Choose ‘Preferences‘ button and a full IPFS settings window will appear.

Turn ON the Toggle all IPFS integrations and a bunch of new settings will appear in front of you.

Right at the top you’ll see IPFS Node Type. Change that to: ‘Embedded (experimental)‘..

…. and your Brave browser is good to go!

Check the cube icon at the top row now. Is it green? Click on it and if you now see some thing like this

You are now plugged into the InterPlanetary File System!

Yes, it’s true! There’s a lot to learn after now to make serious use of it and if you want to prosper here you will have to read a few things first. Think of IPFS as a very advanced version of the internet. done as it should have been from the start! IPFS has the capacity to give us back the optimistic, open, free and exciting internet we all hoped for in the 90’s. The internet where big IT companies don’t rule us, censor us, moralize and penalize us just because some unhinged individual in the company doesn’t like what you’re saying.

The centralized control which they accumulated in recent years is nonexistent in IPFS.. and that… is BY DESIGN!

We now have an option to start fresh!

But what if you’re just gonna be a normal user who doesn’t have any need for a website? Can you find something useful in the IPFS already or will you have to wait for decades to become interesting for you?
The answer is: it depends! There’s a lot of services being currently developed that will make your life easier, safer and more free very soon. But some are already here.

Here’s a few examples for you that you’ll be able to browse now:

  • Awesome IPFS
    is a small place where you can browse through tools, videos, apps etc which were created by various ppl recently.
  • Unstoppable domains
    A website which allows you to buy a .crypto domain name. No ‘annual’ subscriptions to your own domain. You buy it once and that’s it – forever yours!
  • Space
    S new file storage, sharing and collaboration platform with a focus on privacy. Stop letting companies spy on you. Finally take control of your privacy while still enjoying all your favorite features & tools.
  • Woodfy
    Decentralized video hosting for everyone. Just upload your video and stream it
  • Haven
    Snoop-free shopping app based on IPFS
  • Fleek
    Fleek makes it easy to build and integrate privacy, encryption, and p2p functionality into your sites, web & native apps. Built on top of IPFS, Textile, & Filecoin, our suite of products allow you to effortlessly take advantage of the benefits of these new technologies.
  • Open Bazaar
OpenBazaar costs nothing to download and use. Unlike sites like Ebay or Amazon there are no fees to list items, and no fees when an item is sold. Because the trade is p2p (peer to peer), it’s happening directly between buyers and sellers with no middleman to take a cut from each sale. It’s completely free e-commerce.
Filecoin is decentralized storage network designed to store humanity’s most important information


Yes… It is still early. But IPFS might be one of those moments where it pays off if one gets in early. IPFS has advanced miles and miles ahead of what it was just a year ago. A bunch of new services appeared just in the last half year.

If you have time and interest you should probably get on this train.

More little posts liker this to come…

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