Another tool battling big-tech’s data collection, malicious tracking and selling of people’s data like they were owned has been built!

It is Free Libre Open Source and covers the following:

  • Privacy: Invidious protects you from the prying eyes of Google. It won’t track you either!
  • Ethically designed: Invidious helps you regain focus through a humane-design — no more shall your day be wasted away!
  • Accounts: Invidious allows you to subscribe to channels and create playlists, without needing a YouTube account.
  • No Ads
  • and finally, Invidious has a fully featured and documented REST API for developers.

You can help host it, or you can just use it.

For a starft I’ll jsut show the few simple steps you need to take to start using it.
First go on the site

Click USE Invidious:

As a result you’ll be provided with a list of public and even TOR instances:

All you’ve got to do now is chose one of them and…

You’re in!

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Working as Visual C++ developer with IDE from actual previous millennia. As a hobby, working on Android development with Kotlin. Lately trying to move to Flutter.

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