Bitdefender Total security review

I’ve been using it for 3 days now and as an antivirus it runs *almost* smoothly.
Buuuut there are some things I don’t like:
1) I can’t get rid of VPN button on the main Bitdefender panel even when I uninstall Bitdefender’s VPN
2) Password manager gets forced on you as well, even when you have your own (use Bitwarden instead!)
3) It finds and immediately stops the execution of files that don’t fit the normie levels of computing. Examples would be: a bunch of Tor related files, Monero files linked to the integrated miner in the Wallet and main Monero file.
On the plus side: you can very simply go into quarantine and click restore while also excluding the selected files from further scanning
Conclusion: I’ll probably go for a year of Bitdefender. I’ll wait for the rest of the month to see if I come up against more troubling things but I don’t expect them. I think whatever is bothersome in this product is already fully revealed – the rest will go well.

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