Dark Reader – browser extension easy on the eyes. Literally.

Today’s browser extension suggestion is Dark Reader. This extension turns a web page you’re browsing into a darker version of itself, and does so intelligently in most cases by far.

Dark Reader is an open source browser extension available for: Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Brave. According to the website it “never collected and will never collect any personal data, browsing history etc. ” and it doesn’t introduce any new ads. Since it is an open source project, you can check all these claims for yourself.

To enjoy the new, friendlier surfing for your eyes, you won’t need to bother with any additional tuning in most cases. The text will remain very visible, if not better, the structure of the page will remain the same.

In those rare cases, when the structure isn’t recognized correctly or fitting your desire, you have a bunch of options at your disposal. You can set the contrast, lighter or darker brightness, change the font and gray scale of the page or … you can simply set certain pages to OFF and it will just present the unchanged page to you.

Facebook - Dark Reader ON

FB page looks better to me, blog posts and long passages are easier to read. Below you can see the difference between the original Facebook page (Dark Reader OFF), and Facebook with Dark Reader ON

Another good example of the usefulness of Dark Reader are definitely blogs.

Link: https://darkreader.org

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