Environment variables for Android development

ANDROID_HOME Deprecated (in Android Studio), use ANDROID_SDK_ROOT instead. ANDROID_SDK_ROOT Installation directory of Android SDK package. Example: C:AndroidSDK or ~/android-sdk/ ANDROID_NDK_ROOT Installation directory of Android NDK package. (WITHOUT ANY SPACE) Example: C:AndroidNDK or ~/android-ndk/ ANDROID_SDK_HOME Location of SDK related data/user files. Example: C:Users<USERNAME>.android or ~/.android/ ANDROID_EMULATOR_HOME Location of emulator-specific data files. Example: C:Users<USERNAME>.android or ~/.android/ ANDROID_AVD_HOME […]

Live templates for Android Studio 2 – Cheat sheet

Hello, my two visitors and hello Google crawler! While this is my first post (and possibly the only one, unless some miracle happens) so I should introduce my self…Nah! You can manage without it, I’m sure! So this is it – short and …well…just short! At the top are those live templates, that are most […]