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What does Scoop do?

Scoop installs programs from the command line with a minimal amount of friction. It tries to eliminate things like:

  • Permission popup windows
  • GUI wizard-style installers
  • Path pollution from installing lots of programs
  • Unexpected side-effects from installing and uninstalling programs
  • The need to find and install dependencies
  • The need to perform extra setup steps to get a working program

Scoop is very scriptable, so you can run repeatable setups to get your environment just the way you like, e.g.:

scoop install sudo
sudo scoop install 7zip git openssh --global
scoop install aria2 curl grep sed less touch
scoop install python ruby go perl

If you’ve built software that you’d like others to use, Scoop is an alternative to building an installer (e.g. MSI or InnoSetup)—you just need to zip your program and provide a JSON manifest that describes how to install it.

Install Scoop

Run this command from your PowerShell to install scoop to its default location (C:Users<user>scoop):

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')

Afterwards you can install most of the tools directly. For example, to install 7zip:

D:>scoop install 7zip

And you’re done.

Install Scoop to a Custom Directory 

If you wanna have Scoop and the installed aplication in a specific directory, power up your PowerShell and type:

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')

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