Keybase – Secure groups, files, and chat! – 1

This is my opinion the best app[lication] for encrypted communication.

The only drawback is people who haven’t yet installed it which limits their practical use. Well… that and maybe a slightly bit more complicated first setup of the app, but this one is the small price to have it secure.

So.. what does it actually do for us?

Well…a bunch of things, as it turns out!

It’s a communication machine

Main Keybase window – Communication within Teams

You can securely chat user 2 user as in most messenger apps these days and you can create or join secure chat groups as well. All messages have a time-bomb option, and if set they self-destruct after a desired time has passed after which they are gone.

Emoji in Keybase’s chat

Chat rooms slightly look like a pimped up IRC client, but with all the goodies included: emojis, file-links, message explosions, search, all in done securely.

Explode message after…

Continue to part 2: Keybase’ Crypto-Wallet

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