ImprovedTube is an open-source browser extension that modifies YouTube to give users more control over all aspects of the site. 

If you are like me, quickly annoyed by some features of the YouTube that should in my opinion not be there you’re in luck. ImprovedTube will likely solve most if not all of these problems for you.

As in all my post I shall keep this one short as well so I’ll only present the most important features for me personally, just to show you what CAN be done. It is up to you to play with the settings and use them according to your own will.

So let’s start!

One of the most important features I need and I always set up in all my video players is the option to control the volume by my mouse wheel. I don’t touch a video player that doesn’t offer this possibility to me.

Lucky for me, this extension does just that.

After I installed the extension I found a nice recognizable YouTube-ish logo in my browser’s button menu.

As I click on it I get the following options:

And among the Shortcuts options have the ever nice “Increase volume 5% “:

As I click on it, this is what I see:

And then I simply turn the wheel UP, and after it recognizes it…

I click SAVE and repeat the procedure with for the Decrease of Volume as well.

The worst of YouTube is behind me! Now all I have to do is turn on the auto-pause when switching tabs option…

.. And my YouTube is beareble again.

Link to the project’s source:

Click here for Chromium/Brave/Chrome extension
Website is here

Happy tuning!

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