Keybase par 2: Stellar Crypto-Wallet

Stellar Crypto Wallet

Stellar Wallet

Every registered user gets their own crypto wallet ready to receive and send money around Keybase in Lumens (XLM), a c protocol token of the Stellar network.

” Anyone that wants to hold or move money on Stellar must also hold lumens. Per the protocol, every account must set aside a small increment of lumens for each type of asset it holds. Similarly, an account must reserve lumens for each open offer against its assets. The total hold back for a typical account is low—a few XLM. “


In practice it means you can move money with it – and on the cheap.

When chatting with a person , you just click on the dollar sign on the right and choose “Send Lumens”.

In the chat with a person click on the dollar sign and

Then… fill in the amount of your choosing.

As I type in the value I wanna send in the chosen currency ( 0.2€ in this case), I immediately get informed what it amounts to in lumens as well (3.8 XLM in my case)
One more check…

.. the money is waiting for the taking on the other side.

To be continues in part 3

Link to my invitation:
You can find me under the nickname… hoornet.

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